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Birding in Rusizi National Park

Rusizi  Nature  Reserve,  the  former  ‘Rusizi National   Park’   is   located   north-west   of Bujumbura against the international frontier with DR Congo. It is made up of two parts; a  strip  of  flood-plain  about  2  km  wide  and
35  km  long  beside  the  east  bank  of  Rusizi River  and,  to  the  south,  a  smaller  area  of 1,200  ha  comprising  the  delta  of  the  Rusizi at the point where it enters Lake Tanganyika.

In  total,  193  plant  species  are  recorded in  this  northern  part.  Other  dominant  species are Acacia albida, Acacia polyacantha var.campylacantha, Balanites aegyptiaca  and Euphorbia candelabrum.

A water bird census was conducted in 2007 and 226 bird species were counted 10 species