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When to Visit Rusizi National Park-Wildlife Safaris

In general, there is a short dry season from December to January, relatively heavy rains from February to May, followed by a long dry season between June and September and substantial rainfall between October and December.
The  amount  of  rainfall  varies  considerably  from  region  to  region but is generally in the range 500–2,000 mm per annum; the mean at Bujumbura is c. 960 mm.

Precipitation in the western mountains is higher  (average  1,375 mm  annually)  but  is  lower  over  the  eastern plateaus,  between  c.1,100–1,250 mm  per  year.  Mean  annual temperatures on the plateau are around 21°C, reaching 33°C during the main dry season. Temperatures can fall to 6°C in some areas and frosts occur on the highest and most exposed peaks.