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Burundi Safaris

Burundi Safaris- Wildlife Tours 2017/2018

A detailed guide to Burundi  safaris including lodges, photos and videos, prices, and reviews. Contact us in the Burundi or US to book a tailor made Burundian safari to visit Four corners of the Republic of Burundi to enjoy Wildlife Viewing & Primate Watch , Cultural Visits with great chance of Combining it with Congo Safari to Kahuzi Biega National Park & Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

A Discovery Safari to Burundi can start from Rwanda Kigali with a drive to cross to the republic of Burundi to Climb on top of our hills, walk through rain forests, navigate the lakes and sunbathe on the beaches.

The Capital city of Burundi is Bujumbura, its well equipped hotels offer the latest technological facilities. Visitors can spend days exploring tourists attractions in the  city like museum, monuments and craft centers, and visit nights clubs to understand the true life style of Burundian Citizens that stay in the country.

Burundi Safari Highlights

The Republic of Burundi has incredible landscape which are rich in flora and fauna starting from the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the deepest lake in Africa, to the far east where we have the itombwe mountains in Democratic republic of congo Border that has dramatic rock formations, gorges with waterfalls, and hot springs even the visit the Kibira National Park the home for the Chimpanzee which is shared in Rwanda as Nyungwe forest national park.

The Highlights of Burundi Safari holiday includes a visit to Kibira National Park, Rusizi National Park , Ruvuba National park and other Tourists attractions with in the republic of Burundi with the main safari activities including Chimpanzee Tracking, Lake Tanganyika boat cruise, Rusizi Delta, Cultural Sites.

Source of the Nile in Burundi

River Nile has its southernmost source in Burundi, downhill the mount Gikizi at 2,044m of altitude and at 6,671km from its contact point with the Mediterranean Sea. It was discovered in 1934 by the German Waldecker. A pyramid that symbolizes this long sought after discovery was set up in 1938, at the top of the mount Gikizi at 2,088m of altitude. From this structure, you can look over the central plateau of Bututsi and the plain of Muhweza, as well as the urban centre of Rutana that seems to seep out of the verdant mountain dominating the plain of Kumoso that stretches to the the Tanzanian border. A commemorative metallic signpost indicating the route of the Nile was carved in the east wall of the pyramid.

The Nile is the longest river in Africa. Its channel crosses five African countries upstream-downstream, of which Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt, without mentioning other five countries that constitute the bulk of its basin.

Burundi safari lodges & Hotels

A country with epic topography, Burundi is a wilderness and wildlife extravaganza. This vast and sparsely-populated country hosts some of the greatest wildlife experiences on Earth. it is very hard to rank lodges with one simple measure! But we have tried, and herewith an explanation of our system Choose your type of accommodation depending on the comfort and service you prefer. From camping to luxury lodges or even a cultural experience, Burundi has got it.Check on Hotels in Burundi

Burundi Safari Holidays
A Burundi safari is something special, whatever your age, budget, interests or previous safari experience. Almost a third of this vast and spectacular country is protected for wildlife viewing and cultural tours , and these areas include some of the best and most varied safari locations in the world. This is a region of incredible natural beauty with a fantastic range of landscape and terrain and a Burundi safari holiday can be the most wonderful one once booked with Reliable Burundi Safari Company.
Burundi Safari Agents / Safari Companies
Planning a Burundi Safari holiday is more ease once its booked through a reliable Burundi tour operator or Safari company that is well known for offering Safaris to Burundi and these companies are known for offering wildlife Safari, primate Adventures & Cultural Tours.
These Tour operators mentioned on this site are offering Safaris to East African countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania & Democratic republic of congo for Ultimate Gorilla trekking in the virunga Massif & Bwindi impenetrable Forest national park.
When to Visit Burundi- Time to Visit
Planning a Burundi safari holiday, Wondering what time to Visit , Climatic conditions of Burundi, This country can be visited throughout the year as the climatic conditions are calm and relaxing type that allows travelers to enjoy various safari activities.
Temperatures range from 28⁰C /82⁰ F along the clear, fresh waters of Lake Tanganyika in the lowlands of Bujumbura, but just an hour away in the central plateau region, temperatures average 20⁰C/68⁰ F. The highest mountain areas are cooler, averaging 16⁰C/60⁰ F.